Knock, Knock: Know Thyself

Sitting this evening and listening to all kind of birds that may have been heard of in the countrside, and looking at faces drooping down because of many reasons set into motion by the lockdown amid the COVID-19 scare it struck this author, how disconnected all of us are from ourselves! After talking to people … Read more Knock, Knock: Know Thyself

Nature’s Come to Bloom: Thanks COVID-19

This author has been a nature lover from his childhood. I never told anyone that I shared a great love for plants and flowers, they look like maidens to this man’s eyes. I remember staying at a boys hostel in Dehradun, and there was a rough patch next to my room which was more of … Read more Nature’s Come to Bloom: Thanks COVID-19

Involved With Boredom

How involved we get with our own boredom when we are told not to live our materially abusive lives, and rather live like monks/ ascetics just because some silly microorganism threatened our existence (feels funny to me ;)) though, it is true that staying put in monotonous surroundings is tough, and it generates a series … Read more Involved With Boredom

How to Face the Fear of Death from Corona…!

Luckily, at 6 PM today, this author had some hunch about the fact there maybe a grave announcement, and more specifically it meant extending the blanket lock-down imposed by the Government of India, amid the scare of spread of Coronavirus in India. This author went around driving and saw people preparing for the Navratri that … Read more How to Face the Fear of Death from Corona…!

Mixed Feelings: Balancing the Emotional Pot-Pourrie

Emotions ebb and trough with time.

Be it any age group, or any frame of mind, what dominates the human being most is the catena of emotions, and the way one responds to those emotions. Our little brain is the sole interpreter of every emotion which is indeed a simple chemical reaction, yet the chemical reaction(s) combined, land up defining us, … Read more Mixed Feelings: Balancing the Emotional Pot-Pourrie

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