And The Show Must Go On…!

It is either a miracle or just pure physiological phenomenon where mother nature keeps everything in her realm in perpetual motion. Today there is anxiety on the foreheads of one and all. All of us a re worried about how things will turn for us in the future or even in the upcoming days since … Read more And The Show Must Go On…!

Legalisation of Hemp & Cannabis in India

This issue has been one of the most serious causes I personally have given a great deal of reading to in order to secure a clear picture as to why in 1986 the public sale and consumption of hemp & cannabis was banned in India with the implementation of the Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances … Read more Legalisation of Hemp & Cannabis in India

Not Thinking Negative

The world today is in a combined state of fear and disorientation given the current pandemic which has engulfed nations today. The number of deaths has constantly increased and more and more people are getting infected today. More number of people are living in the realm of fear emanating from their personal grievances and the … Read more Not Thinking Negative

Your Life Corona Rules: Lifestyle Evolution Post COVID-19

All of us are missing our freedom to trot the globe and be nature lovers while we make sure that we collectively abuse the nature as well, yet today the nature doesn’t seem to miss us humans at all. Instead the nature’s come to bloom, while we humans are expressing every bit of our emotion … Read more Your Life Corona Rules: Lifestyle Evolution Post COVID-19

Manipulating Destiny [Predicting the Future]

The Ecclesiastes 6:10 in the Bible it “Whatever exists has already been named, and what humanity is has been known”, was just reading some Biblical literature where they talk of freewill as well as openly declare that providence and destiny are the two companions of every soul on this planet which are invisible yet exist! … Read more Manipulating Destiny [Predicting the Future]

Knock, Knock: Know Thyself

Sitting this evening and listening to all kind of birds that may have been heard of in the countrside, and looking at faces drooping down because of many reasons set into motion by the lockdown amid the COVID-19 scare it struck this author, how disconnected all of us are from ourselves! After talking to people … Read more Knock, Knock: Know Thyself

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