Being a lawyer and humble citizen of India, it is for all of us people to know how during the pandemic an emergency of sorts is in place within the judicial system, no doubt these are unprecedented times but we need not to deviate from any procedure established by law to offer justice to our people.

It is not about the people who are in the Bar, but about We The People of India. If out of any organs of the State, any organ bypasses the process of law and begins to slow down the other two organs might either take advantage of the same or slow themselves.

The growth of the Constitutional machinery depends on these. In the same line, access to justice is an important aspect of this democracy. The right to build opinions and communication happens when people assemble, organise and meet.

The procedure of unlocking the COVID-19 imposed lockdowns has begun, and Justice Mr. Arun Mishra today himself accepted the fact that “Life Cannot Be Stopped” while he was hearing a case on NEET and JEE postponement.

The idea is good and this author has been always supportive of adapting to the changing trends of life. Yet, I remain perturbed when all economic activity is being allowed, and the Legislative as well as the Executive is back to work, why is the judiciary still shut!

What ends are we as a People trying to achieve by barring or delaying access to justice? India is not in a position to mould itself into e-Courts and other electronic means of access to justice since our economy is too underdeveloped and India exists beyond the borders of Delhi-NCR.

The conduct of people is going in all directions and there are not just public wrongs but private rights are also being jeopardised with economic activity picking up pace.

My humble submission then is that when “Life Cannot Stop”, then why are we not resuming life of the Judicial system of this nation?

Even Prabhu Shri Ram would have condemned injustice being perpetrated in these times, as an element of faith, we must resume the normal routine court works in a very short span of time, so that the judicial system doesn’t lag behind the other organs of this democracy.