The COVID-19 & Ex-CJI SA Bobde’s Strange Love Affair

Now that we have officially said a goodbye to the 47th CJI, Mr. Sharad Arvind Bobde, we must carefully look back at his tenure that shared a rare relationship or rather a love affair with the COVID-19 pandemic.

We all recall how we were all a part of the swearing-in ceremony of Bobde Sahab, and then we were also talking about how he has links back to Nagpur, when this author interrupted his peers by saying “judges and lawyers are infallible”.

We did not know then that the pandemic will swallow the entire populace and the system along with itself reminding us of the times when Mr. AN Ray took the August office of the CJI and allowed the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi to have her way with the judiciary leaning in her favour.

Some judgements authored by Bobde Sahab will change the course of things, very naturally, but some acts and judgements will make us think whether his links back to Nagpur did really influence his mind and while he was happily getting photos clicked at the Raj Bhawan in Maharashtra riding a Harley Davidson, did it really cost us something as a people!

Strangely, the PMCares judgment was the most important thing that caught the attention of this author. Moreso, because it wasn’t just about Bobde Sahab, but also about other like minded brother judges who had a view that co-incided with that of the government of the day. This was again visible when the Vikas Dubey case and Arman Goswami cases were adjudicated upon.

Unfortunately, in the larger scheme of things, it was Mr. Prashant Bhushan Sahab who revealed the fact that Bobde Sahab has some regard for the saffron party, and that it was espoused by other brother justices also.

Some statements this author cannot make being an officer of the judiciary himself, but Bobde Sahab shared a very distinct relationship with the pandemic and he openly tilted his predisposition towards the government of the day, especially when it was about the governments of the BJP at various places.

The author doesn’t intend to waste time enlisting the judgements that showed how the pandemic brought Bobde Sahab more closer to Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad’s clout but that the public portrayal and endorsement of such a relationship arouses deep mistrust in the minds of the ordinary citizen, while the intellectuals succumb to their nature of finding faults in everything almost, the common man sits there either to accept the fact that the BJP is in absolute control or he sits and gets frustrated at the fact that how nothing has changed from 1947 to till date.

This author would request everyone to be vigilant about such a strange love affair that might grab Shri Ramanna as well, lest he maintains ‘social distance’ and ‘remains in the pristine precincts of his bungalow’.

Bye Bye Biker Bobde…!