Acceptance the Origin of Evolution

Often, we or someone else, or anybody, face a variety of dilemmas in our day to day, as well as the most of trying of situations. The modern philosophy of passionate living creates a panoramic view of our youth and mid-life torn between the struggles of passionate growth, to beat our circumstances, and out-live our fears.

The aggressive/passionate way of living our lives, is not a bad ordeal, at all, but the struggle is all about, why did we start in the first place. The world of material defines your success by matter one accumulates in this life, and besides, the struggles in achieving the material gratification, there lies the story of them versus me.

The conflict of ideas, where one finds himself entrapped in a situation where he is unable to justify himself, to the people who contradict him and then he lands up desecrating his own ideals.

Who, then in these moments are we trying to justify? Who, then are the ones we are trying to oblige with our conduct or choices, that yes I care?

The simplest answer in those conflicting moments starts with the person in distress. The becoming of a man is purely his own wrath! The journey one tends to walk, offers him paths, cross-roads, broken and shaky bridges, the person to walk through is the only person whom he is supposed to oblige, rather than anyone else!

The situations you live in, and are trying to beat, or are trying to deal with, are 49% the result of external circumstances and 51% the result of how one responds to them, or rather the internal circumstances, precisely what is the furniture of the mind! The calculus and geometry of the mind!

Seeking to find solace, contentment and a renewed purpose, it will never come from the external environment one lives in, it has to start from the environment within!

Acceptance, here, accepting that one is in a not so good phase/state/station in life, begins the story of ones’ evolution. Justifying one’s self over and over again that yes you are in trouble, reaching out to others for help, doesn’t make any difference unless you are man enough to accept that you are the cause of all the misery and dysfunction in your life.

Acceptance, here, begins the reform, and evolution in your life, and you start to look within for all the answers, that push you to take to escapist narratives about life.

Acceptance then begins the force that pushes you ahead and force evolution in your life, and then with the internal environment changing, there comes, a change in the external environment.

Accepting things, the way they are, and focusing your attention on yourself, begins the journey of meaning, and change, the journey that springs one into action.