And The Show Must Go On…!

It is either a miracle or just pure physiological phenomenon where mother nature keeps everything in her realm in perpetual motion.

Today there is anxiety on the foreheads of one and all. All of us a re worried about how things will turn for us in the future or even in the upcoming days since there is a rise in the COVID-19 cases each day.

My humble point about hinting at mother nature is to bring to the fore the discussion that we all are not above the nature at all. Our lives in the days to come will be just as the way nature has determined it to be.

If after the outbreak of COVID-19 that has caused mass disruption we feel that we are in control of our lives then it shall be as good as a myth!

If we choose to live in fear then that is our nature and we shall rightly follow it. If we tend to stand against the odds then we are gamblers by nature.

Everywhere it is the law of nature at play, and even then people succumb to fears and anxiety and depression.

That’s the way we were destined to change our bodily form.

Any failure or an untoward situation doesn’t mean we give up, or sit back, it simply teaches us how we must focus on improving upon ourselves and the show must go on!

Just like the nature keeps on moving unmoved by external conditions, our consciousness must remain fixed to tackle all the challenges we are faced with.

It changes the way we lead our lives and the environment outside.

I pay my respects to Mr. Sushant Singh Rajput, and will pray that his soul gains immortality.

And even after everything, the show must go on!