Beauty of Criticism

Critiques are often self styled people who irrespective of the fact whether they understand you or not just sit on a comfortable spot and just dare to point out to you what is wrong with you or your life.

This author has seen many people viewing criticism as a negative thing, but in the sanest of times, criticism works as a good tool to keep one in check and away from any disaster or negative traits that may have a bearing on one’s personality.

Their is a proverb by the famous medieval poet of our soil Kabir Ji, where he says “Nindak Niyaare Rakhiye, Angan Kuti Chhavae, Bin Paani Bin Saabun K Nirmal Karey Subhae.”

This proverb very simply means that one should always listen to the people who criticise you since they are the same people who help you build your character.

A character is one of the important requirement for a man of good integrity to show to the world. Our character is not for us it for the world to see if we have some strength and are we able to survive this material realm with any conviction that we are good human beings!

Chankya refers to two kinds of people, and one of them is translated into ‘dolt’, sometimes one cannot dodge the guilt borne by some criticism. But handling criticism is for the responsible people to adjust their own lives for the welfare of others. A dolt will be selfish and will never be in a position to handle any kind of criticism since he will loose all his energies on trying to disprove others.

The fact that we need to learn here is that knowing one’s own self is important and then being honest to one’s own self is more important than anything else at all.

Human evolution is process which should not terminate in over-abuse of the sensual pleasures, but it should reflect the true purpose of life which is keeping one in tune with the nature and the Divine.

It is with this in mind one must choose to acknowledge all forms of criticism and be willing and ready to mould one’s self accordingly.