Extending Smiles

How many of us recall the last time we gave smiled at a total stranger on a street or somewhere random without fearing how will we be judged?

During vague times someone suggested me as a measure to smile too often, since I smile very less, so I used to abruptly smile to myself anywhere and anytime.

It just so happened that in order to stick to my smile more therapy, I just started smiling and observed people were looking at me.

Not really sure how to deal with the attention, I hesitated and spent a few days not smiling randomly at all!

I saw my grim face in the mirror, and Lo! It became graver within 3 days. Then again, I started figuring out how to smile more and probably not look 40 or mad to others.

I started extending smiles. While I was randomly smiling, I made an eye contact with anyone, I acknowledged the eye contact and smiled intensely.

The intensity of the smiles sometimes got a weird look, but gave me a distinct joy. At times the smiles got reciprocated, and it spread around!

Even better, it landed me up in meeting new people, and cracking jokes with them which helped lower stress levels and amazingly spread positivity.

For all those junkie weirdos, in the Coronavirus affected grim atmosphere, extend smiles around. It might make a bigger difference.