How to Face the Fear of Death from Corona…!

Luckily, at 6 PM today, this author had some hunch about the fact there maybe a grave announcement, and more specifically it meant extending the blanket lock-down imposed by the Government of India, amid the scare of spread of Coronavirus in India. This author went around driving and saw people preparing for the Navratri that is scheduled to begin from tomorrow and also saw some anguish and desperation in people at the shops today.

Further the police was checking vehicles, and they were also interested in knowing where we you going to and why, they were wearing the normal three layer mask, and had nothing else.

So, at 8’o clock, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced while explaining why we all need to stay indoors for 21 days, to contain the virus spread, otherwise it shall become very scary moment for us all. The main aim is to contain the number of fatalities, and the move simply aims at slowing the spread of the virus.

Instead of fearing the COVID-19, we must change our attitude towards it, that is one full of responsibility and positivity.

Everyone now in India is specifically not worried about their own health, but they are worried about the health of others, be it the younger ones in the home, or the elders, and then everyone around all those who they love. In a spree to buy groceries and vegetables, people are going out, and facing the constraints of narrow counters, not able to follow social distancing. Yet, there are simple ways the mind works, where only we Indians shall be able to deal with the stress in the head, and the ability of our body to fight the virus will come to our rescue.

1st Assumption:- All of us a potential carriers; and

2nd Assumption:- We are better in immunity than the Europeans and Americans; with these in mind I would like to draw your attention to small things that will help alleviate your health in the next 20 days and you along with your loved ones will stand a good chance of defeating the Corona scare:-

Death it is said is the sublime truth of this human existence, and the spirit just changes its form as we change our clothes. It is not meant to be feared.


  1. Home is the best place, and this is a vacation which we must enjoy and have a good time at home; and
  2. If you are not at home, there is no issue to worry, since you can call your loved ones, and have video calls as well, access the internet, some of you can learn cooking, others can invest in building their creative aspects, and while others can simply just read, or continue binge watching, and even better sleeping!!
  3. There are many kinds of meditative techniques that help the mind keep away from stress, people can surf the techniques on youtube, and try to introduce them in their lifestyles.
  4. Another point why we should not stress about the COVID-19 is the disease has no cure, and you wouldn’t know it will happen to you or not, and the best part is if you follow the crowd today, you will help the people around you, and observe the basic tips of hygiene which was supposed to be taught to us in our schools, yet it took this disaster to give us a wake up call.
  5. Therefore, the home-made cures for cough,cold, and other things which are available easily make ones’ immune system strong. Keeping hydrated, eating fruits, taking the Ayurvedic or Unani easily available cures that make the body naturally strong.
  6. Another thing that makes the body strong are light exercises that can be done at home and pranayama or yoga that can be learnt again on youtube.
  7. It is good if you are primarily vegetarian, and then even if you aren’t make sure that for the next 21 days, you and your family eat light and bland vegetarian food and in light quantities.
  8. Find time to meditate again if the above doesn’t help.

Fearing death, if it is your turn to die, wouldn’t help you or anyone around you, but staying strong amid the crisis will not only spread positive vibes around you, a good mind will unleash a good body, and a good body will help the collective ability to fight the COVID-19.

It is a humble request to all of you to stay calm, introduce good habits and rise and shine, maybe just because we have a unique culture, we might just land up defying the COVID-19.

May the Lord bless us all.