How to forgive yourself!

Most of the times we are judged in our personal relationships for the things we do or don’t doesn’t really matter, but what matters is due to our passivity at times, we begin thinking that we are not good as a human, and begin to tear apart our self-image because of what the other person said. To quell our own anger we start finding faults within ourselves, that is where thins go wrong.

When we try to blame others the best thing that happpens to us is we land up justifying our actions and we land up believeing that we are so perfect that nothing can go wrong in our lives, and we are almost always correct, which doesn’t usually happen. We keep on trying to finding reasons for why we were faced one failure or the other, is it because of us or because of others. While confrontation with others kills our social apetite, the conforntation within kills us from within.

How about for a minute we put all the opinions and judgments aside, and with a clean slate begin writing the newest chapter of our lives? This is easy, the only thing we need to do actually is to stop trying to figure out as to why everything went haywire, and what all went wrong, and to what extent it was your fault and how deeply wrong the other person was.

The clean slate begins with forgiving your own self for being either wrong or right, it needs no justification at all, what it needs is a simple objective understanding that it was the past, and it neither has to haunt your future, nor does it have to affect your present at all. It is sometimes okay to be calm, without fearing the winds of change and without living a life in dread that sommething might happen because of your own actions, since the present gets spoilt.

If you forgive yourself for your deeds, whether good or bad, you will be free from the sense of doership that keeps you entangled in the cycle of mess that you live in. Forgiving yourself is the most important feature in the plan to begin afresh. It keeps you going for good number of years and days while hoping for the best.

Forgive yourself first and then forgive the others, and you begin to live with a clean slate.