If God was an Alien…!

Too many writers, and producers have dealt with the topic. Even Sadhguru has offered a lecture on the above, but nobody can give any proof of the fact that if it is true or not.

This author happened to be going through the Book of the Dead and the Egyptian religious literature which talks about heavenly wars! Amazingly, these heavenly wars are something mentioned in almost all pagan religions like the Nordic, Aztec as well as the Incan. Even the modern Abrahamic religions also talk about heavenly wars.

Now, this author has a special interest in the Vedas, and has read about the same wars fought in the heavens mentioned in the Rig Veda.

So, if really all the Gods were aliens? What if even the unseen version of God in Abrahamic texts is something that is the anti-God army?

Is it a remote possibility that if the Gods mentioned in the prehistoric times were fighting some other supernatural beings, then couldn’t these supernatural enemies have tried to destroy all that the ancients tried to disseminate through their knowledge?

God as an alien, there are abundant evidences to suggest that there existed some form of life which commanded the obeisance of the human populations all over the globe.

If God is an alien, is it possibility that they were created by someone too? What are the odds that there are things that aren’t known to all this advanced human civilization at all?

If God is an alien then they may have successors too, because how is it possible that all of a sudden life sprung up on this planet from nowhere?

Why only on earth? When we find diverse forms of life on earth itself then why is there not a possibility of life on mercury or even pluto for that matter?

If God is an alien, then they must be sure of one thing, that they will have to be present forever to look after the diversity of their creation and its creativity. The aliens will have to look after that their plans are carried out, and the faith of a diverse group of people finds an answer through their prayers.

If God is an alien, then he must see to it, that there are things with happy endings too!