Ignorance Says I’m Your Best Friend!

How surreal it is when we see that despite warnings that ignorance might prove fatal to our existence, we land up ignoring so much in our day to day lives and still there are not much of disastrous results ensuing, but, in a greater span of things there are things that seem like a bundle of dysfunction!

Who is to be blamed for all of it, or what is the meaning of being not ignorant, or being mindful?

Is it even possible to not be a human and never be ignorant of anything at all?

Is ignorance completely a disaster recipe?

This author can never answer the above correctly since I don’t recall any of the past experiences (past lives) and would say I am a carefree man, which simply means I ignore almost anything!

Yet, there are certain things that deserve to be ignored so that we are able to focus and divert our energies to better and constructive things in our lives.

There will never be everything that is under your control, for example someone else’s behaviour or opinion of you, and if you cannot control it, you must listen to it, and then again ignore it, to move on in life.

We certainly have to ignore ourselves sometimes, that’s known as self control because too much of self love ruins things. And then we have to ignore situations, so that we make headway in difficult times and people!

Ignorance doesn’t have to tread into the spiritual realm till one is a seeker, while in the material realm it can sufficiently make things better around you.

Ignorance maybe a negative word for a few, but with a mindset that combines forgiveyand compassion, ignorance becomes another way of attaining solace as well.

It is true ignorance brings down empires but it also is true that too much of attention leads to fearful imaginings in the mind! Mild ignorance is human nature in most situations, and it is necessary.

It is why we say, Ignorance says I’m your best friend.