Involved With Boredom

How involved we get with our own boredom when we are told not to live our materially abusive lives, and rather live like monks/ ascetics just because some silly microorganism threatened our existence (feels funny to me ;)) though, it is true that staying put in monotonous surroundings is tough, and it generates a series of negative emotions. There is a limit to sleep, eat, read, watch, shit and talk which after a little while becomes so irritating. If only I could date my boredom I would have, which is why I am trying to find the best way to keep mentally sane is getting ourselves involved with boredom

‘Bore’ means weariness or restlessness developing out of sheer lack of interest in certain pursuits. It is not some rocket-science that we are unable to identify that with the abrupt confinement of ourselves in our residential premises, along with hysterical reports and misinformation circualting everywhere, it is a tough deal to stay normal, if not deal with boredom or even slight forms of melancholy.

It is still day 3 of the lockdown, and the Coronavirus threat keeps expanding and people are scared, and spreading the scare among others as well. Every bored individual you talk to, has an information to leak, which cannot be identified as being true or not. All conversations have lost meaning and even people have reduced activity on the internet.

It is very natural in these situations that one starts feeling bored, and even bored to death may be a reality (if you’re COVID-19 +ive and the Govt couldn’t test you). It is not a problem though, the human mind will come to your rescue if try doing anything that involves muscle-flexing in your head.

So, let us be very frank about our boredom, while we stay locked indoors, many of us without stimulants that we tend to abuse on a regular basis may start feeling the mood swings and other problems, which will unsettle the environment around us.

Just to push ourselves as responsible good adults, it is wise to pursue any interest or anything, which again is as boring as hell, but just doing it for the sake of keeping busy, is the best bid we have today, to spend 21 days or more of this lock-down.

The point is, the mind will give you the required levels of dope if you challenge it like for example solve mathematics questions, or play some chess, try cooking, cleaning, meditation, read books, play or sing, wash your clothes, or even apply nail paint ten times a day, learn a new language, or anything that is (let’s face it) utterly boring but when done for the sake of it, keeps one constructively busy, and it solves all our greater woes.

Let us simply keep busy just for the sake of it and kick the boredom on its butt!