Is God Busy?

Assuming that God/ Bhagwan/ Allah, I mean all the CEOs of various religious corporations which seemingly appear to be one for all purposes, is he too busy?

Is he unaware that too many people are left to starve and many people will die and have died all over the globe?

Is this really some kind of divine retribution for the sins the human creed has been inflicting upon the nature and the way in which the humans have deflected from the path of Dharma/ Righteousness that we are being subjected to such horrific circumstances?

is God too busy with the quarantine?

Several people have lost their livelihoods, and furthermore many of them will loose theirs. We are looking at a whole bunch of issues for the entire mankind in the offing ranging from natural survival to complex governance and everything in between.

No matter the amount of charity, no matter the amount of government aid or anything else shall be able to prove as a safeguard to all and every human!

Was God so unhappy at the majestic and marvelous celebration of evolution of mankind from the cave to skyscrapers, from animal hides to D&G, from echo to cellphone and from honesty to chicanery that we were banished to the gallows of variety of different sizes for different reasons and purposes, that he collectively has banished so many of us to face our destinies?

Is God too busy to ignore the prayers from all quarters of the world that he did not spare time to look after things and there is rampant confusion and chaos everywhere now?

Is God too busy to even think how will so many of us be able to have faith in Him when all is laid to rest?

Is God too busy?