Keep Walking…

At times the journey gets tiresome, and a normal man is burdened with the thoughts of the future, the past and the present. It gets very uneven at times (the path), and it wasn’t a smooth one, but yes it is slippery as well.

Communication with many people, or even all of the persons whom you meet on the journey, fail, yield no results at times, while a few of them just create magnificent outcomes.

That is where one begins to think of what was, what is and what shall be! It takes time, again they say, and then sometimes pursuing something or anything with your complete devotion to it, doesn’t mean that it makes sense! Expectations often aren’t met. Failures become a long list. And the success is the story of failures, efforts and tries.

Beyond of all this pursuit of the material world, there is one thing that requires the most required strenuous attention, is the soul of a man. The journey of the soul is simply keep walking.

The soul changes clothes in each life form, but it continues to walk, so, why should we not choose to keep walking instead of giving up altogether?