Knock, Knock: Know Thyself

Sitting this evening and listening to all kind of birds that may have been heard of in the countrside, and looking at faces drooping down because of many reasons set into motion by the lockdown amid the COVID-19 scare it struck this author, how disconnected all of us are from ourselves!

After talking to people from a variety of age groups, and listening to what is going up in their heads, this author was amazed to learn that it is the truth of human nature that one might never be in a state of peace with oneself because this takes a deep knowledge of one’s own self.

The nature was no doubt harsh enough to unleash an invisible monster coronavirus which has killed many of us, and is taking more number of people in its grips each day and each moment. In times like these all the material world that surrounds us, and all the information we feed our tiny little brains with seems to be of no use and meaning.

There is always a greater force at work which is certainly beyond the comprehension of a mango man’s mind, and when we exceed our limits, the mystic forces tend to teach us a lesson by forcing us to be locked down, quarantined and forced to live as if in the stone age, while in the information age!

What do we need from our life? This is one question which will never get a real answer and we shall run out of literature to explain what do we need from our lives! The materialist race that we have pursued has brought us to this point where every method and techique of our normal existence and lifestyle is appearing to undergo a paradigm shift!

Yesterday in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked all Indians to light a diya, lamp, flshlight or a torch at 9 PM for 9 minutes along side switching off all the artificial lights! All of us or rather most of us followed and celebrated as the Corona Diwali! Yet, this one moment came to the author as a prayer to the mother nature for forgiving the way in which we have abused the nature in a pursuit to ignore our very own connection with the nature that is through our soul! Knowing Thyself!

Never wondered there shall be a time when the maxim ‘Know Thyself’ shall have a greater meaning than it does today, when we are collectively as well as individually supposed to explore the repository of nature within us, the malls and the coffee shops we have inside us to actually feel how today all the nature hs come to bloom!

It is getting tough for people to get along with their family members, and maintain relations, and the sole cause for all of this is are entrapment and addiction with the materialistic lives that we have lived, and miss each day!

The harsh way of mother nature has brought us a good time and oppurtuntiy to explore the places worth travelling within us, which we never cared enough to travel and today are forced to confront a lifestyle ordained for the seekers which is seclusion, isolation and detachment!

Ten minutes, each day, if all of us just observe our breath coming in and going out, it shall open the doors, Knock! Knock!! to the journey known as Know Thyself!

Sab moh maya hai!