Legalisation of Hemp & Cannabis in India

This issue has been one of the most serious causes I personally have given a great deal of reading to in order to secure a clear picture as to why in 1986 the public sale and consumption of hemp & cannabis was banned in India with the implementation of the Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act.

While going through the global literature available on the famed “War Against Drugs” the then UN Chief Kofi Annan after aggressively pursuing a war on drugs came to a conclusion by saying that the war on drugs can never be won, and the best we can do is regulate the market. This fact may apply to a variety of chemical drugs and serious drugs like heroine and cocaine, or opiates, but when it comes to hemp and cannabis, look around we are being too blind if we say it’s illegal!

It is the cardinal principle of economics that proposes that the human desires have no end, and the pursuit to human desire gets fulfilled at some occasion or the other. This simple principle points out to the need of marijuana and hemp being a required substance which fits within the ambit of human desire which makes it available everywhere, and people consume it all over.

Hemp (Indian) known as Bhang, Marijuana also known as cannabis or ganja, and cannabis resin or hashish/ Charas are one of the most commonly consumed substances after alcohol in India, primary being tobacco.

The taboo subject that hemp, cannabis and hashish have become are moving the adolescents and teenagers to abuse these magnificent creations of nature. Associated with this alcohol abuse is also becoming a concern.

There are cases that are being pursued across various high courts including the Bombay High Court, and the Delhi High Court, where the petitioners seek regulation and legalisation of marijuana for aesthetic purposes has been kept in abeyance in the respective high courts.

There is possibly no reason why when we are enduring all the health risks associated with alcohol on our society for the sake of revenue, we can also try venturing out into the field of marijuana and hemp being sold in various forms for aesthetic reasons which will not only satisfy the desire which is currently being fulfilled through illegal channels but in the future course shall add to the coffers of the exchequer, if we deploy more sophisticated means of marketing and consumption of marijuana and hemp, then we shall make it a very responsible and health friendly way to recreate a huge pool of population.

Health Benefits- THC, CBD & Euphoria-

Hemp and marijuana are not bad for human health simply because alcohol also is good for health if taken in regulated quantities, yet the substances that are present in the drugs, THC and CBD which are excellent neuro-transmitters are beneficial for the rising number of psychological disorders that have crept into our society today. The best thing about consumption of marijuana and hemp is that it soothes and relaxes the human nervous system to such an extent that the body goes into a healing mode which creates a very stable ground for rejuvenation of the human body.

These facts are recorded in documents which rest with the British Government and the Indian Government known as the Hemp Commission & Marijuana Commission reports of 1885 & 1887 (if I am not wrong).

These are just a few health benefits but along with these, there are specific diseases where these drugs are known to have a profound impact and they also improve the cognitive skills. They make one more susceptible to evolution and do not create any sort of dependence which is hard to tackle.

The foreign liquor companies have created a campaign against drugs particularly marijuana and hemp which is one of the most prominent reasons that we have tabooed them, while there are less instances of crimes reported that are perpetrated by a marijuana or hemp user as compared to an alcoholic.

The general attitude and behaviour of a person who uses hemp or marijuana is peaceful and assimilative. There is no evidence where one can prove the fact that hemp or marijuana creates any disillusionment or lack of concentration in a person, while on the other hand it can be used to create more self-awareness and mindfulness in persons with serious neurotic disorders.

Dr. RD Laing in his book the Divided Self has written about some uses of psychotropics in treating chronic cases of nervous breakdown and depression, and they have been successful.

Many influential people have been users of these substances and given this world one of the best master pieces of creativity in their times, therefore they are one of the safest category of psychotropic substances which can be used in a nation like India and there lies a whole unexplored arena of business opportunity in India in these two substances which will not only boost spiritual tourism but also create a trend for more art and culture connoisseurs come out and participating in the economy through a variety of ways.

It is high time when the government must realise that marijuana and hemp are the most widely used and abused substances in the nation, and they must be another source of revenue for the exchequer today.