Limitations of the Mind

We never really know how we push our mind into various limitations and shells that define our responses towards situations and people.

It is not always we learn about ourselves, in our day to day normal lives that we may find ways to break the shells and stop just playing safe, and take risks.

The limitations of the mind always push us into taking the risks that just cause us little pain, and we have make the least possible amount of effort to achieve our desired goal.

This is the defining point of the limitations of our mind when we are supposed to look for growth in all the aspects of our life.

The comfort zones that we create often carve limitations in our head, those limitations come to be backed up by strong opinions and viewpoints that are not always correct and then on most other occasions are simply preposterous assumptions resulting from our own limitations that we created over the years.

What to do about these limitations of the mind?

There isn’t just one simple way to amend the thought patterns one gathers around over years, but there are simple things we can try to break the limitations and actually realise the potential of our own mind.

It is a renowned proverb that any fool can handle a crisis, but, it is the day to day living that creates problems. It is also very well related to limitations of the mind, where any ordinary human responds to some eventuality in a very different manner, but when it comes to day to day living the problems are routine and monotonous.

The limitations of the mind, are not to be expanded only in the times of crisis, but the catch here is when a crisis unfurls, it is mostly on a day to day basis, where the new challenge knocks at one’s door, unravelling new unexplored opportunities and obstacles. This is more of befriending crisis instead of offending it.

We often act inimical to our own interests when loose the track of the perspectives we are looking for.

It is easier said than done, quite actually, it is the opposite of what we tend to see in our lives, since the impact and the outcomes tend to push us ahead towards growth and development.

Human life, it is designed to be open to changes and the mind, is programmed to oppose any change that we maybe seeing or rather may have been resisting.

The basic thing that our mind needs is the capability to remain open, and adaptive to new situations and think out of the box. Amazingly, while the crowd is either thinking out of the box, or inside the box, a lot of new lessons come from the void between the and beside the box also.

Eventually, it comes down to stretching the limitations of the mind to such an extent that the mind becomes limitless. Giving in to the formulae of the old and the new age wisdom is not the goal.

The goal is to create your own story of growth and evolution by flexibly allowing your mind to unravel the silos of logic, reasons, and even re-write your beliefs to get rid of your own limitations.

Every journey that one embarks upon, which makes one explores one’s own strengths and weaknesses, and which mocks the limitations of the mind, is always less travelled for most, since it is mostly done all alone.

One may have people to offer the human touch, but then, challenging and redefining the limitations of the mind is always done alone.