Living In The Past, Are We?

It has been more than a year since the Covid-19 happened with all its damage control measures. Again the media reports say that there is an abrupt rise in the number of cases. Sad, is the fact that many people are being reported to have died because of the said disease (my prayers to their souls). Again, it is becoming more evident that there are people who are going back to their hometowns, and there are night curfews that are being imposed. The regional measures do vary from region to region. All these events bring back the memories of the troubled past all of us had, and that determines our actions.

Memories of the year that has gone by, vary from person to person. Some fear and don’t desire to think of it, while the rest cherish it, while most of them do not intend to revisit their past due to ignorance or indifference, doesn’t really push us back in the memories.

It is spectacular to see how the lockdown brought an entirely different dimension of our lives to our focus, and then we began to think how fragile is our life, and how unstable foundations do we live upon where we just live to pursue our dreams mostly materialistic ones.

Then we spend time thinking about our past. Most of us faced our lives all at once in one go. That is not the way perhaps, because we didn’t think so, yet it is the way it is.

Living in the past, is another way of escapism, this author feels, since we tend to dodge the moment, and focus our energies elsewhere.

Now when people are focusing on their past, and re-living the horrors of the times that went by, one decent act that all of us must do, is to focus just on the feeling of the life energy within us.

Yes, we are alive, yes we are living. We are beating many times in a minute, we are changing thoughts by the second, and we are walking places in our imagination! Halt, feel the beat, it is the life energy, then why the fuss over whatever is gone by?

Come, let us stay in the present moment. Revisiting the painful memories is added pain, and the days lived well from our past add baggage on our heads.

So, let us feel the life within, and focus on how to make the best of the present moment.