Manipulating Destiny [Predicting the Future]

The Ecclesiastes 6:10 in the Bible it “Whatever exists has already been named, and what humanity is has been known”, was just reading some Biblical literature where they talk of freewill as well as openly declare that providence and destiny are the two companions of every soul on this planet which are invisible yet exist!

It is an observation how we tend to govern and manipulate the surroundings we live in, and we even land up trying to ordain our own destiny as per our needs and desires. There is something today this author wishes to simpy assert here, this is not about finding an answer or giving anyone the answer. It is then simply about accepting the way things are.

Are we in Absolute Control of Our Lives?

Any sane intelligent individual might begin by saying “Oh, look I am so much in control of my life, I have grown so much and moved from somewhere to somehwere in life”. This is what maximum people say, the stretch and credit themselves for all the good they have in their lives, and even tend to ignore the things that many others would be grateful for,yet, when it just so happens that something goes not as per our expectations, a dysfunction, a situation that changes every way we perceive our existence, and despite our repeated attempts to alter or avert the damage it takes place.

Can we change everything around us?

Okay, can we raise the dead from their graves? No certainly not. Is it not very logical to assume that when we are not in absolute control of our lives, then how can we try to change everything around us, which includes changing others and their behaviour as well!

What is Destiny?

  1. When things are beyond our control the only thing we can control is our reaction to circumstances/ people.
  2. The only thing we eventually land up controlling is ourselves which includes our actions and omissions.
  3. With our style of life (it is different from a lifestyle) we are all just beings flowing in some natural scheme of things.
  4. That natural scheme of things that justifies where we are or we reach or the purpose we serve, that very rule of nature which makes us kiss success or failure is destiny.
  5. Destiny never wants us to live passively, it demands actions on our part, and it rewards us as per its own free will, that is the naure’s will, Destiny.

Can we Manipulate our Destinies?

Give it a try, eulogising someone’s lfe or trying to seek inspirations from one might feel that yes every man is the maker of his or her destiny, yet that is not the case. When there are lving exmples all around us that make us think that how someone went ‘lucky’ while the other despite all efforts didn’t get ‘lucky’, yes that’s the luck, the nature’s will the destiny that we can’t change.

Destiny is something that cannot be altered or betrayed and even manipulated. It is a clear gamble in life whether we tend to believe it or not. Believing in the greater scheme of things just clears the head, and helps us move ahead.

Accepting our connected destiny with others also helps us unburden our minds, and get free from the series of setbacks when our expectations are not met with, yet what matters is our attitude.

Destiny deserves a bold attitude, not a meek one since acceptance is for the bold. Therefore, we should never try to manipulate our destiny, and rather embrace it with glory.