Mixed Feelings: Balancing the Emotional Pot-Pourrie

Be it any age group, or any frame of mind, what dominates the human being most is the catena of emotions, and the way one responds to those emotions.

Our little brain is the sole interpreter of every emotion which is indeed a simple chemical reaction, yet the chemical reaction(s) combined, land up defining us, everywhere, all our relationships, even our relationships with things, to say the least.

There are many emotional anxieties, and there are absurd responses to our fears, most of the times since we create impressions in our minds based on our external experiences.

Most of us try a variety of things to silence the mind, yet there is a tug of war going within which might pertain to a variety of aspects of our being. All of this is not abnormal, and the most simple underlying cause of all emotional distress are the human desires.

How is to come later, but what is the primary question! An important fact of our existence is how we land up defining our surroundings, and the people around us, based to our taste and liking, then the secondary issue is how we push hard to extract something for ourselves from all the situations and people around us, thirdly, with the desire of ordaining the world suited to our desires we land up harbouring expectations from people. Now, how do we reach the state of mixed feelings, is when we acknowledge “Oh, this is not something I desire, NO, I don’t want this” and there begins the disappointment.

The ‘mixed feelings’ syndrome, where you cannot actually do anything to either change the people, or the situation, and since all human relations are transactional in nature, where we either ways indulge in a give and take situation, it triggers a vicious cycle of approval and disapproval with the people or the situations and often both!

The ‘mixed feelings’ syndrome thus is a simple emotional roller coaster ride, that one may easily try and avoid, if one adopts the perfect means to simplify one’s mindset, yet, most of the times, the mixed feelings begin to weigh heavy on our negative emotions that often gives rise to a conflict or destruction.

The basic essence in avoiding the ‘mixed-feeling’ syndrome driven life is to simplify the utilities of every person and situation, and even for that matter identify your own relationship with yourself. When we begin doing it, we find that other person too has a perspective, and though he may be wrong but somewhere you might as well be at fault. This doesn’t mean one lands up blaming oneself for the failed scenario, or work a patch-up which becomes more fatal than the last fall-out!

Every ‘mixed-feeling’ situation can be averted or dealt-with first by restraint of deed and thought, once the passions are cooled an objective assessment helps one safeguard the larger interests which are social interests of you, me and everyone else around you! The basic identification of the relationship you share with yourself, begins at that very moment when you restrain yourself.

Once you restrain yourself, and assess what transpired or might transpire, you begin to learn about yourself, and the real aspect of the situation comes to the fore. It brings out the best options and perspectives you may have about a situation or a person, or even a thing. The response then one chooses, begins to creates step-by-step emotional balance in the personality.

The emotional Pot-Pourrie cooks in the head, and then there is a blast! 89% humans react to emotional stress just like this gentleman! “Mixed-feelings”, it is not a term for the doctors of the mind but for people like us 🙂

The ‘mixed-emotions’ syndrome is a sum total of all the emotions you nurture based upon o\your own response to people or situations, and a simple objective assessment done simplifies the mind, and transforms the concoction of emotions into a simple set of emotions and response, though it comes by practice.

Please be aware that while you set afoot on your journey of exploring your own persona, you may land up with the ‘mixed-feeling’ syndrome bound to yourself as well, and even at that point don’t go harsh on yourself, relax, and let the moment pass, and then think, was it worth the ‘mixed-feelings’ moment.

It is the evolution way, and does involve #knowthyself routine. Yet the above method of saving yourself the emotional noises and confrontation is the easiest way to find an emotionally balanced life, beyond the ‘mixed-feelings’ as we say.