Moving On & Honest Emotions

What are honest emotions? “Jo hota hoga wahi”, Nope..

Honest emotions are those feelings where there is nothing you desire for yourself. The emotions that bring you closer to the sublime truth of this world.

The spiritual being in you awakens, and the soul starts to walk, when there are bruises and scars on the soul inflicted by this material realm.

The material man feeds his soul with lies, while the spirit within, the Soul, knows what is the truth! Living on the brink of inexplicable turmoil between the material man and the sublime, one faces the toughest question.

The question nears the cause of existence of this realm and the ones gone by, as well as the ones yet to come.

Yet, the answer lies in the fact that the Sun always rises in the east and it rises without fail, why?

If we can’t belie this truth, then how can we contest the veracity of the spirit within? What is the meaning of moving on, then?

Meaningless, because you cannot resurrect those emotions again, nor can you expect a reincarnation of the same person again.

‘Moving on’ is a theory for the materialist man, while the ones on a spiritual path, don’t choose to walk the same decided journeys again. The spiritual man doesn’t commit the mistakes of the past over and over again.

An imbecile and docile material being does anything to satisfy his desire, but the path of a monk, is less travelled and little explored.

Nirvana is the creed. Challenging the rules of the men one achieves the abode of the Supreme.

Nothing of human origin, eventually is trustworthy, so how can you trust ‘moving on’? The emotions you spend are the real gift of nature, they come with a spirit of forgiveness. Honest emotions are the reflection of the Divine.

Preserving the honest emotions is a skill for greater emotional growth.