Nature’s Come to Bloom: Thanks COVID-19

This author has been a nature lover from his childhood. I never told anyone that I shared a great love for plants and flowers, they look like maidens to this man’s eyes.

I remember staying at a boys hostel in Dehradun, and there was a rough patch next to my room which was more of a makeshift arrangement but I liked it for the affinity it had with nature. There were squirrels frequently visiting my room, and I always made it a point to keep water and nuts for them. The patch next to the room was developed into a garden by this author, and in little time it began to look marvelous!

Even while growing up I had the occasion to see a huge park maintained by an elderly nature lover, and my mother who was fond of greenery too had plants and a hedge and a small garden which required watering it. I remember, whenever unused to water the plants, I used to consume a lot of time observing and talking with the plants. Certain young little plants that found it tough to grow, always seemed to respond to my pampering talks.

Later on in college, I had a plant in my little garden at the hostel, unfortunately it broke and I just taped it and used to look after it, amazingly the plant survived till, I shifted to Noida that gave it death.

I happened to see economic desires of men ruin the beautiful city of Dehradun and it is still being converted into a concrete jungle in the hills. Otherwise there is so much in Nature to be explored loved and shared with.

Today, it is the 5th day of the lockdown enforced by the Coronavirus scare that we all face, yet despite all the trouble and the mess, guess who’s blooming? It is our very own Mother Nature, though our very own mothers are so fed up of all of us reeling under their jurisdictions today.

We have reports coming over from across the globe that since the humans all over are locked down, the wild animals are taking a stroll on the deserted streets of cities, since the skies are clean and no aeroplanes violating their privacy birds are feeling free and flying majestically carrying out their own dogfighting and not to mention the tunes they’re singing to as if they’re living some reality desired by them since ages!

The plants have a better air and since I see plants they’re growing faster than our nails and hair, while they breathe in just the right kind of carbon dioxide they need.

The air is clean, since there is no emission of gases today, while the water bodies which used to stink like a drain, are not releasing any pungent odour of pain since this author is stationed next to the channel of river Gomti in Lucknow.

The best part is the clarity in the skies and everything else the nature is enjoying without knowing that humans are faced with a threat of sorts. Yet Mosquitoes and Ants remain busy with their annoying activities of barging into human territories and violating privacy but all is well with the nature.

There is a report that says scientists are observing some sort of recovery in the Ozone layer since the lockdown began, and the average temperatures have also gone down!

Today just one question why is the nature out on a bloom when humans the saviours of every species on this planet are trying to beg the Gods to save them from their own extinction?

Our material desires away from the realm of nature and more inclined towards the lower nature of gratification of multifarious desires has already abused the mute partners we share the planet with that today they seem to go carefree on the human settlements just exactly the way we live and yearn to continue living for generations to come, that they seem to completely ignore that it is us humans who need their help today!

Mother nature is trying to teach us something if we believe for a reason that COVID-19 is a zoonotic disease, that we humans who feel are the most superior species on this planet to hold back ourselves and live in certain kind of discipline which allows not just other humans to live but the mute spectators having various shapes and colours also need their own privacy to survive.

We need to tame the collective materialism and fulfill our needs so that all of us can bloom together.