Not Everyone Is A Story

We meet some people on our earthly walk. Those people can be walking with two, or four feet with a tail, or someone with wings while some maybe just people who swim or the least some maybe green folks who just expect water from us!

Diversity in the creative powers of the divine blesses us with some form of life always to keep us company on our journey. The destination of the journey aren’t known, yet we keep on walking and we welcome people and some people live with us through thick and thin, while some just disappear! Ironic.

We sometimes get attached to those people to such an extent that we land up teaching ourselves that our life and the substance of our lives shall go amiss if we stand to loose them. Attachment is always there.

Either it is due to the will of Nature or an outcome of actions or omissions of men that there comes a moment when we loose all those people whom we took to be the Directors directing our lives.

“Alas! What Now?”

The director of our life movie is something or someone not known to any of us. No! Not to the Yogis, not to the Siddhas, Monks, or Mullahs, Pandits or Priests, Rabbis nobody. Yet people come and go without our efforts or with or efforts, aimed at saying a goodbye to welcoming them forever.

It is the only reason that everyone you befriend on this walk of life, is not a story. Yes, not everyone is a story you narrate to yourself or anyone.

There is no point of holding onto any person and building a narrative/ a story that suits your psyche or the social description of ‘You’.

People come and people go. It is the sublime truth. So why make stories?

The only story you make is your own Self, the alter ego of your own being. That’s the story, not everyone is a story.