Not Thinking Negative

The world today is in a combined state of fear and disorientation given the current pandemic which has engulfed nations today.

The number of deaths has constantly increased and more and more people are getting infected today. More number of people are living in the realm of fear emanating from their personal grievances and the scenario of absolute uncertainty pertaining to employment and other factors.

The lockdown in India has probably pushed the Indian economy to another 8 years behind the current development trends, and the materialist lives of so many people have come under threat.

I have seen the environment of gloom prevailing in many households where people are worried about the future and it is leading to a variety of discordant notes in the families.

I personally think and feel that whatever be the future, no one knows yet we know one thing for sure that we are living in this moment. We are alive and we have all kind of daily obligations to be met with in the four walls of the home we live in!

All of us are responsible to provide a stable and positive environment in our homes, or wherever we are with whosoever we are, or even if we are alone! It is our duty to guard ourselves from the negative loops of thoughts that keep on playing in perpetuity in our heads and then we start to disseminate the same to others.

The process of dissemination builds the atmosphere around us just as we perceive it and as we emit, unless there is a more responsible figurine in the setting to take the mantle to settle the discord.

A peek into the Hindu Values:

We have always felt proud of our culture where we have been very much stuck to the grass-roots of our soul. With the soul-connect we have preached for over thousands of years we never have found the right moment to pursue a materialist spree, yet today, we are actually trying to choose between the material commforts and the lower human nature over trying to pursue the greater things in life.

A life lived on Hindu values is the only life and is the only possible ray of hope in these times of turmoil. We can’t ascribe to the western beliefs which have made the west so negative and unable to offer psychological strength since people are worried and the stigma is taking lives away.

If in these times we cannot stay positive (it can certainly be taken to be madness if we stay positive all the time) we can choose to not to stay negative.

We can be more subtle on the front of our desires and needs, and balance our lives in the Hindu way of life. With this we can push ourselves into a kind of discipline which pushes us to greater heights and changes the environment around us.

Instead of staying in the future or the present we can stay in the moment and stay equanimous.

That is the way we intelligent folks can beat the lockdown stress and evolve.