Oh Dear Moon!

This author doesn’t know how much do we all love the moon in this generation where we barely have the time to flirt with the heavens. This author has had the occasion of seeing the stars of the heavens and yet the heavens despite all the beautiful stars and constellations look bizarre without you, dear Moon.

We all find love in some form or the other, though it takes a lifetime to feel it and be touched by it intimately so much so that it changes our life for the good or even for the bad, nobody knows. Yet it just happens. The logical man has just no explanations to offer to the fact that love exists or not, just the same way there is no proof of the existence of God! Dear Moon, you still do exist!

Yet, one starts to miss the moon, because every morning, after the night the moon just goes into hiding, and a man willing to just share the tranquil serenity of the companionship of the moon yearns for the subtle warmth the moon has to offer to the soul of an ascetic!

The moon, when it goes into hiding and the heavens laugh at the ascetic saying now where’s the moon, the ascetic waits for the new moon day to see the moon again (the days aren’t getting over now, why?). While, the heavens seem dead with all its glorious stars and stories seeming like a mockery of this material earth, scared for its lives because of a virus; the ascetic still finds the moon illusive, ready to play hide and seek.

The moon, people say is the love of all those who yearn for someone, yet some people fall for the moon itself.

The irony of the day, and the irony of the night without the moon is the yearning; desire to get to the moon!

Shoot for the stars to land on the moon, oh Holy Satan, some people shoot for the moon and then the only place to land is the abyss of this deep earth which makes this whole love for the moon so irresistible, and pull the ascetic like a high tide pulling the seas from this earth!

Cornered in a spot the ascetic just looking at the moon and trying to find you in the day like a monk seeking salvation you say “I am still with you, it is just the Sun that I hide behind”.

The anger makes the ascetic rebel against the Sun tempting the ascetic go to war with the Sun which in its arrogance throws the lover of the moon into a maze of dreams under his flares, which seems like an imprisonment till you wink in the sky again!

When will you again walk with me during the day dear moon… 🙂