Owning Your Mistakes

How easy it is to blame people for the mishaps in our lives, and how easy it is to be led, rather than lead!

The world may keep on pointing fingers at you for everything or anything, yet that doesn’t have to mean that you’re a ball of mess or you’re not a good person or anything else which lies on the positive side of the human psychology.

When you begin subjectively defining yourself with the vision of some other person, or someone you place your emotional beliefs in, then you land up distorting your own persona. The self image makes you define yourself as per other’s perspective.

Everyone’s perspective of you has something to do with them first, and then you! (Ever thought about it?)


That’s okay, now, try looking at your own self objectively from others perspective. That changes the way you see yourself. Every human relationship is transactional in nature, therefore taking opinions seriously derails your personality.

Now, ask yourselves a few questions based on what your conscience knows you are being blamed for, or are blaming others! Be subjective first, and then objective.

There lies the problem, you shall see what your mistakes were, and not the unrealistic expectations you create or the giving up of the self that you pursue!

Be honest to yourself and own up your mistakes to yourself. That’s all. Makes a huge difference in life.