People in The Lists

We all grew up with Facebook in India, and we learnt how to grade people in the “Lists”. It was a feature on the social media giant to facilitate levels of interaction with people, but we seem to have lists of people in our real life as well.

No human intercourse is beyond the realm of preferences based on our levels of trust and intimacy. Sometimes we land up creating the Lists due to our over indulgence in pursuit of some gratitude and solace in the companion after companion we create in our lives.

The Lists today that this author desires to focus upon are the lists borne out of over-indulgence in forming friendships for satisfaction of the social animal within ourselves. This doesn’t mean that we should stop socialising and specially in these times, where it is evolving and in scarcity, but yes, there are possibilities that we may still land up creating our lists in these times too!

Coming onto the creation of the Lists borne out of indulgence, the lists are a reminder of the times one fails or the attempts one made to satisfy his goals to have a society which affirms the belief of some identification the person has set for himself.

How does one make healthy social interactions instead of dumb lists that are dead and aren’t healthy for the Self?

The way to evolve the level of interaction with any human being begins with trust you repose in one person, and the ability with which you are able to deal with the baggage of your past so that it does not ruin your present interaction with someone. Moreover rushing any decision is not a wise tactic, and the way we dream to build or re-build our relations with persons also gets derailed due to the impatience and herculean expectations we nurture from persons.

It needs time to make a relationship evolve, and it surely happens with time, and the level of communication you create with a person. The lists are often the cause of baggage in our lives, and we must not be preferential or prejudicial in our interaction with other people also.

If you’re looking for a way to end the lists in your social relationships, then, keep the “I” in your head at the back-foot for a while focus on healthy interaction and evolution to make the best of every relationship around you. The lists were in the past and they were the result of faults, that are open to change and adjustments.

It is better to have a few meaningful relationships than to have lists of failed and unhealthy relationships everywhere!