Human logic is definitely not a convincing tool to define all that was, or all that is, and all that will be.

Human civilization has been exposed to dire hardships that emanate from the basic desires to wider gamut of luxurious ones that human minds bear the imprint of the struggles even today in this information age.

Fear is a psychological tool to prepare the human body for a fight or flight situation, and with the advent of spiritual sciences and religion there came in a concept that helped humans mitigate the fear and stress that evolved out of uncertainty of material wellness.

Every school of theology simply asserts the fact that Providence is where all the amount of material wellness that is destined for a man lies. Whatever comes out of its own course comes eventually.

I might not have the kind of experience required, yet I have seen that sometimes you just get lucky, or you just land up failing in one enterprise and another set of initiative bears fruit!

Most of the times the way one plans certain events don’t take shape as per their will but unfurl in a completely different manner.

I wrote a few days ago about destiny as well, and today it is providence. A simple fact about providence is many people from the working class had the occasion to be supplied with food and etc through various people landing up in abundant supplies while certain sections of the same class were so deprived that they chose to eat grass boiled in water to stay alive!

I was able to get out of Noida in time and many people whom I know and were certainly better placed than I am but they could not get out of the city and reach their near dear ones. It was a spur of the moment that I decided to get out of Noida since I had a hunch that without work and flow of money it will be tough to sustain, so let us go to Lucknow and will find cases for the Supreme Court and come back post this lockdown is over.

Yet, today it is over 4 weeks and there is a possibility that the lockdown might get extended even further.

Many people are staring into a garden of thorns today, yet as I wrote yesterday, it has to be complete dependence of the virtues of the Hindu belief system where providence also has a great role to play.

The role that we see in providence here is simple, whatever one is to be given out of the chocolate box that life has to offer, will always find its way to you, therefore living in the moment is the most important thing to be done in these times of the Coronavirus lockdown and the uncertainty.