Reality Vs Reality

How will be our lives if we forgot to differentiate between what is real and what is unreal?

Most of us create plans, form opinions and decisions after eschewing upon the knowledge we have and find ourselves to be better positioned than the other, how comfortable isn’t it, yet it is very obvious that the smartest of human beings on the planet can only speculate about one aspect of the future and present one perspective about the past, through the prism of their knowledge, and be confronted, and even fail or become massive successes!

There was a movement way back in time in the west which emphasised that all men are scientists or engineers by nature, okay, if that were true then we would have had marvelous systems in place for the functioning of the human civilization, yet we have several dysfunctional anomalies all over, and most of us are not very sharp, and adept at even addressing basic issues in our lives!

Reality Vs Reality, it is the notional belief of every human being that specifies the evaluative parameters of his concepts based on which they land up believing that something is real, while there maybe just someone who would disagree with the reality of a particular belief. The belief set may be subjective as well as objective, depends on the niche yet, of late there is a growing certainty that there is an exact alternative set of realities existing at one particular point of time amongst others! Parallel realities and without ascribing the scientific jargons to this phenomena, the point lying here is every belief can be challenged and removed or altered and even kept intact. There is not just one set of reality that exists.

Most of the people fume when they’re confronted with the alternative set of realities, and every logic, assertion, and belief is anyway premised on the biggest error of the human mind.

That error is “Assumption” every notion, thought is as unreal and as real as it can be at a given point of time while the assumption doesn’t shift, it remains the same. If we disturb the assumption, another set of reality may be the outcome!

Every phenomenon then is as sublime as anything, and then how many times do we need to confront reality vs reality?

Every human thought, idea or belief is absurd and can be disproved while all of it is real as well, isn’t this an absurd reality?

The only art here is to how comfortably one chooses to create a set of beliefs based on a wide and penetrative logic that appears to be less absurd to maximum number of people, that’s how we tend to define the reality it becomes more real when it is followed by maximum number of people.

Sane men never confront their beliefs and even respond in a very harsh manner to any kind of narrative running contrary to their beliefs.

That’s what is mankind always struggling to find an answer to reality vs reality which is always an assumption. 🙂

Asking more questions is a good attribute, while we must know how to deal with every question, and we must also be prepared to confront alternative realities in every aspect of human life, ignorance then becomes a burden on the man, which is why we tend to create followers more than rebels!

At some point in life one has to ascribe to some sort of reality that is to be able to pursue this life while the philosophical transactions come to an end, yet the reality always remains as sublime as it is today!