Sanctimonious Expectations

Piety involves lack of all expectations and renunciate lifestyle, yet when we come in the realm of human interactions, we are faced with a series of people and the levels of interactions with all these people ebb and trough as we deal with time.

All the relationships we have reach a point of time when we get disillusioned with the fact that where do our set of expectations lead us to and where do we need to go with the people and our relationships.

Often there comes a point when there is chaos in our lives and the normal up and down of these relationships create a deep cloud of reasonable and unreasonable demands and expectations that are hardly met or hardly appreciated.

Often we are faced with which relationships to nurture further and which ones to break off with since our expectations were never met with, and we faced serious problems and discomfort arising from the same relationships.

This author simply feels placing expectations is a bad idea altogether because when we see the way expectations damage our relationships and our own psyche, it is better to live as monks instead of asking for anything. Eventually we become our only saviours and rescuers to give to ourselves the leverage of understanding our own expectations and demands.

Then either stand for them and risk them all, or just simply push ahead with our lives as usual. This happens with most of us, and the expectations lead to a blunder.

It is always best to stay with minimal expectations and focus our minds on the welfare of others. That is what is the true meaning and purpose of our lives.

The true and sanctimonious expectation still stays and it is the basic instinct of man that is welfare of our own self first. It creates many problems for us. Therefore we have to detach from ourselves very well. Otherwise the sanctimonious expectations make us just like everyone else.