Simplifying a Complicated Life

Life, is never complicated, unless, we choose to make it. How we choose to make life complicated is, it is by creating clouds of thoughts by munching over something. The mind, it is a creative tool and it is in its nature to keep on playing games and tricks with the human being himself.

The mind uses its entire energies to prove and show to us what we do not see or believe, rather it is the subconscious mind that uses its energies. Whatever it is, we need to uncomplicate our lives to reach our cherished aims and purposes in life, we need to untie all the knots that the mind clings to bases our decisions on. This is not s very high or a very far to realise goal in life.

It needs simple understanding about who we are. now how does one understand one’s own nature, and one’s own mind? It is simple observation of the chaotic and diverse thoughts the mind generates in our heads that needs to be tackled more importantly than anything else. The external influences that disturb our mind makes more noise at times, and we need to quiet it out then. The journey to the purpose, material or spiritual is always the thought that must dominate the mind more, it is the only thing that will provide clarity to the mind of a man.

Life is always beautiful, and is never complex, it is not always the way we want it to be, but is what it was supposed to be. Changing and evolving with the times, and circumstances is important, since one who makes his own-self strong is always a better human being than the rest.

When one begins to un-complicate one’s own life, it becomes a little tough for the world and the people nearby to accept and acknowledge the things that change with it. The surroundings never change, but you change and evolve in life and grow above and beyond the limits that the mind sets in for you.

Sometimes, there comes a mystery, that one can never solve, that mystery is better left untouched and is better to let go of it, because some mysteries are better left unsolved.

Always remember, people come and people go on this journey of our life. And it doesn’t require much of impatience or gravity to put into things that do not matter to us at all. Day-dreaming, is not a good thing because one must always think that we have some purpose in our life.

We must move ahead with a better life for ourselves and just continue to live with whatever we explore within ourselves and deem to offer us peace and bliss.