Taking a Step Towards Mental Health Awareness

(Published Late)

Today is the mental health awareness day, which is not just for India, but for the entire world. Yes, it is the world that is trying to spread awareness about the world mental health awareness. This issue is dealt with almost in all progressive societies, yet, in India, a large section of the people brand mental health awareness as a topic which is not just a taboo but something to be rubbished!

This author is well aware of many instances where this has happened in the modern India, and has happened with many people in his own circle. Why then are we supposed to stifle out life because of societal pressure or norms of the old, and promote fuss, and mess in various forms?

The limits of rubbishing the mental well being of our society has led to the booming business of spiritual masters who don’t pay heed to the mental health of a human before pushing him into the pit of exploring the divine.

This author is aware of simple and complex medication developed by the ancients in not only just the Unani and Siddha medical systems, but also in Ayurveda, which deploys ample of techniques to help people with mental disorders which are found in the modern Allopathy medicine as well as Homeopathy.

It is a very famous proverb in India, “Jaan Hai to Jahan Hai”, then why has the society made it a point to push its own people to the limits of committing suicides just because their mind was either born with handicaps or acquired certain handicaps over the years it spent in the society!

The government spending on “Mental Awareness Campaigns and Mental Health Service” is also very poor and pathetic, while the society doesn’t leave any occasion to pass a remark on any man as being a “mad man” or “paagal”.

Denying, stifling or subjugating rights of people needing mental health attention should be made a punishable offence, if the need be, and the treatment and medication should be made most affordable since it constitutes the collective psyche of our society.

On this World Mental Health Day, this author resolves to stand and promote mental health awareness among his people on a routine basis, so that we come to live in a more peaceful and better society where individuals are mentally sane. The mentally sane man will always align himself with the right kind of people and the right kind of situations which imply that there will be lesser juveniles, lesser crimes and lesser substance abusers in our society.