The Drunk Philosophy

There is no reason why, half of the people I know, are in love with liquor or cannabis. Rest others, unfortunately are looking for things in life, trying to pursue materialistic pursuits.

I don’t contradict anybody’s ways of living their lives, but is this the way are we supposed to pursue our lives? Is it rocket science to understand that nothing in life solves our issues unless we are cornered one day to face them!

This is not the pursuit of life, it is the pursuit of death, and if we remind ourselves daily that we are nearing our graves, and so is everyone else, the life we live will become simple.

The drunk man, has a good way of avoiding everything, anytime and wherever there is an opportunity when going gets tough, the bottle offers solace and companionship.

While the people who can be there to offer the companionship are left somewhere busy with their own lives.

98% homes in India lack healthy communication between the family members, and unfortunately our youth is abusing something or the other which translates into liquor abuse at a particular time in their lives.

My question isn’t about how should we live, but it becomes why should we live at all!

The materialistic pursuit of life, isn’t the ideological nature of our civilization, and we believe in serious relationships where there exists more depth and communication.

A healthy life doesn’t mean going to the gym, or over-socialising, but acculturation of one’s person to basic needs of the human mind and a body, keep the soul healthy.

A healthy soul resides in a good body with a garden like mind, not in a gutter on induced happiness and isolation.