The Millennial Emotional Bankruptcy

We grew up as great humans, living to fall in love and raise a family along with a mortgage. We were taught to deal with exceptional levels of competition at all levels in our lives per se professional lives.

With our big dreams and big pockets we find ourselves with a small heart with a hole.

Trying our luck at several relationships spanning across our diverse intercourse with other humans for a variety of reasons our desire to bond with another human remains incomplete!

With all the material riches at our disposal and all the affluence at our disposal we find it tough to invest in personal relationships and forge lifelong everlasting relationships with people we are introduced into as our new families!

This feature of the millennials is certainly one that is emotional bankruptcy, because otherwise we are full of all that a banking institution has to offer.

Yet we are so isolated and cornered, we land up overestimating or underestimating ourselves or people around us.

We weigh emotions with an iron fist and that fist has our emotions on the palm while rest others who surely have their emotions dependent on ours are on the backfoot.

We never learnt to keep a balanced estimate of ourselves and others around us. Why is it so?

It isn’t the fault in our stars that makes us emotionally bankrupt, yet the desires we have which throw everything else on the back burners and we keep on moving ahead, trying to find happiness either in materials or dogs.

Lo! The millennials land up becoming emotionally bankrupt!

How ironic!