The Pursuit of Truth

This author feels there must be moments in the little or huge lives of all of us when we confront the question, What is our purpose and Why are we Alive.

The questions that define our lives are often pondered over by many of us, and acquire varied meanings in the real world. That is where the seed of our consciousness is laid.

The Conscious is said to be the reflection of the ether that surrounds us, and connects us all with the unknown. For atheists, this would simply mean another charade of spiritual mysticism, aimed to attract more distressed people in the belief system, but from an Atheist’s perspective also this means contributing through one’s deeds and misdeeds in this world.

All of us based on consciousness act and react. We fulfill our duties and obligations that arise from the set of our consciousness. This is something we all as humans need to pursue, since it adds a meaning to our lives.

Yet, there are a few people who pursue things for the sake of it. Just doing it for some reason that does not often suit itself to the definitions of this intelligent world.

How then we must find what is the true path to the truth? Rather what is the truth from the perspective of one person does not relate to the truth of the another. How then we find the ‘truth’?

The pursuit of truth is determined by the level of consciousness of each human being. Does it mean that we alter our consciousness to suit and oblige others?

This is where the pursuit of truth begins. The pursuit of Truth is certainly devoid of the egotistical being within, yet, it assumes the form of deeper self awareness.

Deep self-awareness pushes on the trajectory of self-realisation. This does not mean that one starts to become a source of discomfort for others, but it simply means that one begins to evolve as a human, and the process of evolution of the human consciousness makes one deliver more to the realm of humanity and shoulder more responsibilities than ever.

With more responsibilities, the humanly form begins to loose it’s boundations, since the psyche tries to find more meanings to each moment spent in this realm.

The pursuit of truth of greater and devoted service to humanity.

There is no better service than this, since the lower human conscious is always tainted with selfishness, perversion, ego, and greed.

When the rhythm flows from the ether and resonates within this material realm, then it assumes form of the realisation of the truth.