The Supreme Soul of the Earth, Hindus

Today in Bharat, we have created an order from the society which is trying to provide us something on the concepts of complete fragmented and a loosely knit people. In today’s Bharat being a Hindu is not good, and then if we try to go deeper in the social discourse, we need something that unites us, makes us get deep into our society where in our past Indians and Hindus were so highly developed and have been the conquerors of the world.

In the Vedic literature we find ancient realities of the world, which have been true. There was a world order, that world order is found to be prevailing across places. In a manner which has been thought only by a section of the people who have in the world. We find instances of various deities all over the world. The deities are same in the world it is just the description varies from one civilisation to another. The Indian sub-continent had offered a heaven on earth for the psycho-social development on scientific terms which is there written in a language that we choose not to read! Sanskrit and Parakrit that is what the reality is.

Today since we had the power to absorb the influences of a global ecosystem with the intermingling of the societies, we are faced with situation that will in the short run destroy our culture completely. We have completely forgotten that the reigns of the universe lie there. That is the way of the civilisation. A Hindu empire.

This empire was the one that gained dominion over the realm. Till the time we had protectors, we were safe in the society.

The reality of the world, as we are seeing it today. We have to substantiate each speck of a claim in the world, but the remnants are enough for us to ponder upon the epochs of our societal and psychological construct. It was pure and simple exploration of the human psyche. The concepts as written their don’t change, and man just keeps on inventing the same things that are available in the nature.

Hindus, thus the persons living in this area, including the people of the southern kingdoms had given this place a world order. In our sub-continent dark colour is the identifier of beauty. In the western civilisation they used to find dark colour symbolic of evil!

These things are the cultural records, found in the scriptures written in Latin. The language Latin and Sanskrit have a similar composition. While absorbing in the winds of freshness/ newness in our lives we must allow some value and regard to our culture.

The Hindus have always been the peaceful community, but we had our strength the manner in which we could hold a large number of people in a peaceful and a natural state of affairs. The practice of unison with the nature and the wisdom we held close to our chest are the time tested values of our social construct that have been challenged by western ‘isms’.

This is the reality of the modern day India, yet even in such a situation a humble man who organically rose to power in a set up made for the elites, Narendra Modi, declared to the world that the era of imperialism and wars are over. He said Bharat has been about peace, but if you try to violate our mother, we will not let your live in peace.

The most creative labour force of this world today is Bharatiya people who go and toil on foreign lands and rise to shine in all spheres of the society. There is something in the psychological construct of the Hindus that makes them very different from the rest of the world.

The spiritual wealth inherited by us acts like our back-bone and it is progressive and adaptive. We are therefore the soul of this world, since we were the first people of this world to have led a blood-less revolution on the Hindu principles, and pushed ahead with one of the world’s largest socio-economic re-construction program.

Therefore, this is a call for all the Hindus out there who feel some shyness and pity in accepting and boldly saying that yes I am a Hindu.