The Truth is Eternal

There are so many ways of defining just one thing, number of ways to say just one thing. Yet, it works like beating around the bush, and again and again all the attempts made to define the truth through any perspective doesn’t make it untrue, but, it just makes it another perspective.

The fundamental purpose of life, it is the truth, and all else is pure insanity. What is the truth? It is not what we get up to everyday, the material world, with all its highs and lows, this cannot be the truth, then, is it leaving all of this to settle down in the Himalayas or near the seas in Kerala, no.

The fundamental truth, is very different from what we try to perceive it as, as a matter of fact, it doesn’t mean that one has to be a renunciate but it also doesn’t meanome has to don the monk’s robes and roam around giving sermons and blessings.

The fundamental truth is balanced materialism and karmayoga for all the persons who are striving to achieve meaning or a purpose in their lives. The fundamental truth is viewing one’s own self distinctly from one’s own ego. The fundamental truth is living for the welfare of the creation of the Creator.

Because under the sun, all is chaos, and the morals of the world keep on changing as they please. The truth keeps one grounded, lest one might fly off to farthest of places in the mindscape!

The bliss and the love that springs from a detached life, is worth a try. It makes one a misfit among others but it is once in a lifetime experience.

The evolution begins from the moment one realises, that everything under the sun is just a myth believed by your mind.

So why not live the truth, rather than dreaming about it?