The Weary Heart

We all wonder sometimes that why are we walking with a heart within! In our pursuit to try to find a meaning to the rhythm of our weary heart we try to find a similar rhythm in someone else. No matter, still the heart feels as heavy as if filled with mercury.

The canons of human wisdom fail to convince the heart, that yes there is not something as light as the air that will fill this heart and make it thump. Then the heart follows it’s own rhythm, it takes you places and makes you invest in things that don’t make it beat for long enough.

Indulgences that this weary heart indulges in push it into a variety of moods that make it chase one indulgence after the another. What difference does it make to the old and the weary heart?

The little weary heart grows older and older, and stops beating for things that made it old already. Yet the weary old heart beats for something or someone that gives it a new a lease of life, another rhythm or simply a new reason to beat once again.

And the story of the weary heart goes on till the grave meets the soul that once had the weary heart.

How many of us have that weary heart within us? If all of us do, we are all brothers in arms today to keep this rhythm of life and pursue the will of this weary heart of ours till we are souls searching for another form with a heart that waits to be weary again.