Thinking of Atal Ji

I grew up always being told about how great a leader was Atal ji. I recall how I was allowed to read about Shiva ji, see ancient history read things about religion but was not allowed to explore a lot of communism. After thinking about Atal ji, my childhood memories begin to make sense.

Yet, after having admired Atal hi and his aides for over many years and have devoted a good piece of life to promote the Modernist Hindutva of Atal Ji, when I see the fears of the Centrist and Leftist parties prevailing within the Hindu people like the death of Dalit Pradhan in a village of Azamgarh, and more that has gone by, and many personal experiences, I miss Atal ji. It feels the evolutionary process of the Hindu people has come to a standstill with Atal ji gone.

I remember how during the Kargil War back at home we used to pray for the soldiers and watch the news and stand with Atal ji. I still recall how with internet and YouTube I have watched Atal ji again and again to a saturation point that I don’t believe the Modi’s Bharat and Atal Ji’s Bharat are so different from each other!

Atal Ji’s Bharat was a modernist growth oriented and a very inclusive society with the tinge of JP Narayan’s views and the horrors of the emergency at bay. The vision of Atal Ji would have never allowed the modern day India to slip into so much of not required friction among various societal groups and many things would have been solved easily due to his logic and appetite for healthy dialogue rather use the Mukke Mukke and TU TU Main Main syndrome of the modernday BJP.

The simple man with a creative genius within, knew the hardships of the common people, and with his imagination influenced the intellectuals to such an extent that the Congress wanted to own him “as the right man in the wrong party”.

His basic credential was honesty, and humility, combined with statesmanship of the older years. He was a popular leader who was loved by people. It is his legacy that catapulted Narendra Modi to power, not his personal charisma.

Atal Ji, the go to man for all the Right Wingers. If we equate Savarkar to Marx of the Hindu Right, then Atal ji was the Lenin of the Hindu Right. Thus, what causes discomfort now is the Stalin of the Hindu Right- Mr. Modi who is now slipping into hysteria just like any other leader does after few years of unchallenged power and authority.

I miss Atal ji very frequently and the past two days it is more than ever since the recent events appear to be like an emergency without proclamation, and Atal ji stood against injustices of his times to be loved by us all. I hope his soul gives blessings to youth like me and you, and our motherland keeps producing men like him from time to time.

Long Live Atal, Long Live Azaadi.