To Be or Not To Be

We are all different people with different perspectives and ideas about not just our own lives but the lives of others.

What matters more is how we as humans transcend to the greater plane of human evolution. The best thing about this transcending act is whether you do it with the people who matter to you the most, or you do it all by yourself. These are the most important of all things when most of us are faced with a pull from two opposite sides trying to believe whether to be or not to be.

It is not always easy for any human relationship of any kind to offer anything to anyone unless one decided clearly whether to be or not be. Such relationships can be with our own friends, colleagues, family members and even our life partners at times.

We as humans tend to define our realities from the mixed perceptions and perspectives of others as well as ourselves, which begins to make us feel whether we have to carve out a space for ourselves in other people to have some emotional bonds, a sense of validation and a sense of belongingness which is when we try to define whether to be or not to be!

This human behaviour becomes our defining reality for most of us, because we need a narration to convince our own mind as to who we are, why we are and what we are. To be or not to be, is sometimes a very difficult question for many of us to answer.

This author has always made it a point to say that we have always been taught and trained how to be perfect in making a living and showing the world that we are something simply driven by our own egotism, which is why we are very often faced with situations where we have to decide whether to be or not to be.

The conundrum that precedes and follows from this decision of to be or not be, actually defines our relity for others but it certainly doesn’t provide us with the stable foundations for our own Self.

When we begin to evaluate our own self first, then we begin to think that we might find some solace in the Divine of any hue, or in some activity that gratifies our being, or seek divine help by performing rituals, going to an astrologer, or a palmist or do anything to find out the most befitting answer, to whether to be or not to be!

Long before it is done and long after it is done, it is always a matter of faith for all of us, whether we took the right call.

But, one thing that matters more than anything else is that we as humans have to do more to than just trying to define our realities from the point of view of others, we have to actually find our own inner self.

To be or not to be is purely superficial then, it is a victory when you clear the jungles within, and objectively define yourself.

At one point when you tend to evolve to such an extent that you see the truth clearly, at that point to be or not to be, is not a matter of your own peace but the peace and opinion of others.

It is the most apt level of clarity that you need to give to yourself that life is simple when we subtract ego and anger from it, at that point, when we begin to control ourselves more, we will be able to clearly be and actually not be.

The above is for weird people, for normal people, it is always wise to choose wisely between ‘to be or not be’ and that too only after they have felt for themselves what will make them stronger and more sane.

After all we are little beings, with little emotions, and small lives, cluelessly living about our own meaning of existing.

This affirms the saying that life is 90% what happens to you and 10% what you make of it.