We’re Born Alone & We Go Alone

I wonder how, and rather why fail to explain it to ourselves, why we fail to understand the most simple fact of our lives, that is we come alone, we walk alone and we go alone.

Things stopped making sense to this author ever since the COVID-19 fallout, and all that this author was counting was his last wishes before he departs from this world of perpetual conundrum and crisis.

This author is not a pessimist, this author simply chooses to put others first. And those others are too many people who own stakes in one’s life.

This author has seen people do weird and impossible things because they seemingly care for things that include looking after the needs of others. Yet, in the opinion of this author, the best life is when one lives for others, but then one should not expect as well. (lesson learnt the hard way)

We move throughout our lives wondering about things, and items that hold very little value in our lives, and we neglect ourselves in the process. This process creates a heavy turmoil in our surroundings and among relationships also.

We react, we try to communicate, we try to express, we try to share, and we try to care, yet, each time we try to do it, we get attached, involved and get immersed in the hurly-burly of human associations. We simply forget that neither of us is a monk or an ascetic but all of us are absorbed in this materialistic flow of life.

With the cycle above we begin to expect and there comes anger when we are failed by someone, and then begins the roots of all destruction.

It is a very logical theory of human life that no matter what, all of us are born into this world alone (exceptions are always there) and we meet too many folks on our journey (all relationships too are transactional) and then finally when we depart (exceptions are again there) we are alone.

This author simply wonders what was “mine” and what was “thine”, most of spend our lives worrying and working about things and people for benefit. Where does it all disappear when one reaches the funeral pyre?

All that seems logical to this author perhaps is the fact that we are destined to be alone from day 1 on this earth to our last moment, and then all things have to pursued as a sacrifice to this society, because “we” belong to each other, yet we must not expect but just give out to the world.

This maybe very logical for singles but for householders, remarkably they sacrifice their lives and principles for their loved ones, yet for them too, giving without expecting is the only way to bliss. We have to learn to accept the way the world is, and learn to live with it.

Because we come alone, we go alone and we walk alone.

सब मोह माया है।