What Stays When All is Lost

During these times of crises people of all hues have various reasons to keep them going , yet some people just move differently.

We don’t need to brand them as differently abled, or self-centred at times.

There was once a man whom we all know today, but there were certain instances in his life that made him who he was. He was always likened to be a man with a distinct persona and distinct temper. He had a normal life of a random someone Nd he rose to become one of those men who decisively united the American people against slavery. Abraham Lincoln.

Many people who give something to the world, or even to the people near and around them, are often known for their persona, and they’re not differently abled.

The question then is what Stays when all is lost? Why are these people, who leave a mark on this earth, what are they made of? It is their integrity, endurance and their strength of character that determines who they are.

It is eventually the self that stays when all is lost.