Your Life Corona Rules: Lifestyle Evolution Post COVID-19

All of us are missing our freedom to trot the globe and be nature lovers while we make sure that we collectively abuse the nature as well, yet today the nature doesn’t seem to miss us humans at all. Instead the nature’s come to bloom, while we humans are expressing every bit of our emotion on the marvellous creation of science, ofcourse the internet.

While we remain restricted to the laxman rekha of our households, there is a an evolution undergoing in our homes, in our minds and in the way we lead our lives, every minute of this lockdown. The changes will define the way we have been living our lives till now in a decisive manner and will certainly usher in evolution of our social and personal behaviour in the long term.

There are certain aspects which will undergo considerable changes like:

1. Personal & Social Hygiene: No matter how hard Modi ji may have tried to promote the Swacch Bharat Mission, there was no awareness that reached to all corners of our society and the sense of personal hygiene was very frail till the COVID-19 scare crept in. Today, most of the people irrespective of the social strata they come from are observing simple habits like keeping their mouths covered while coughing or sneezing, and using hand rubs or washing their hands as frequently as possible. Such awareness never existed in a country like ours where we take health and habits to be the preserve of the rich! Socially speaking, all of a sudden the dumping of garbage has evolved from open dumping to responsible garbage disposal since people remain locked within their homes, and the observance of not spitting publicly has covered even spitting smoke in public, where people are being observed as preferring to spit at a wash or in a bin while smokers have moved to more isolated spots where it doesn’t become a nuisance to others.

2. Human Interaction: The idle interaction of humans has also disappeared, and people find it easier to switch over to virtual modes of communication, which will train the people in the long run to avoid personal interactions and the virtual modes of interaction will generate a complete new comfort zone of human interaction which will not only define our personal relationships but as well as define new business relations as well.

3. Economic Preferences: The COVID-19 has brought many people to rely more on the old saying of save for the rough days syndrome which is boosting average savings of our young who believe in spend more and earn more ideas. The longer term impact of this will be that the household savings rates which have seen a gradual decline over the years will rise in the short term and long term scenarios.

4. Quality Socialising: Today and until a few months from now socialising will be a concern because the dine-ins, malls, restaurants and bars and many other places of mass entertainment will be not available for us to sit and hang out with our peers, which means we will be more reliant on maintaing very few and healthy relationships through a limited time available at our disposal to invest in socialising. More social distancing will mean less crowds! Lo, we land up building better and healthy social relations.

5. Livelihood Preferences: Many people who returned back to their native places today, might find it tough to get back to their original places of residence and puruse their erstwhile sources of livelihood which will see more economic activity spreading in the non-metro cities as many corporations will begin laying off their employees and many will loose their businesses. Many people might as well choose work from home options which will also define the way we work.

6. Improving Personal Realtionships: There will be many people who will learn to bear with their near dear ones, and will know how to make their relations work instead of fighting and approaching the courts for trivial issues.

7. Halt to Westernisation: With a substantive emotional rejuvenation in terms of the incumbent crisis people will prefer holding to the forgotten oriental values which define the life of an individual in a more holistic manner which blends the spiritual aspects very intricately with the material life, while the materialism of the west shall come to an end bringing consumerism as well to a halt.

8. Limited use of Social Media and Internet: With people facing acute boredom after overdoing too much of binge watching and scrolling their facebook walls or sending messages on whatsapp, they will move on to a normal life where they will create a space for themselves as well as everything else which will push internet usage to a lesser priority than it held in the times before this lockdown.

9. De-Addicitons: Many people who are accustomed to substance abuse of many or any substance will stand to realise that many substances will not be available for a few months now, since the medical fraternity has raised alarms over the decline in immunity that substance abuse brings with itself, thus many people might stand to loose all their addictions as well forever.

10. Pursuing Healthy Lives: This includes our food habits, physical exercises and psychological exercises i.e. eating low fat food, doing yoga or any other physical exercise, and meditation. Many people will explore ways to live better during this lockdown and post this lockdown these will become regular habits of many people who will certainly enhance their longevity by many many years to come.

11. More Home Deliveries of Services and Goods: We will never be able to choose more loitering around the markets as we used to before and we shall observe that home delivery of goods and services will see a sharp rise in the months to come.

12. Respecting the Nature: With this period showing signs that the nature can restore itself and humans exploit the nature many people might take it to be a part of their lives to be able to care for the nature more than they used to!

These are mere speculations with the inputs received from psychlogists and healthcare experts while many other inputs are derived from our loved newspapers. These are many obvious changes as well as there are certain changes that might have skipped the imagination, yet our lives collectively and globally are set to undergo rapid changes in the near term which will beyond doubt decide the future course of our generations to come.

It is certain that the patterns of lifestyle will undergo some level of change.