It is a war against Uncle Sam

The world is looking for answers and reasons to find out why has Russia all of a sudden attacked Ukraine; the gossip is abundant on this topic, but there is a very one fine reason that governs this geopolitical churning and the reason is American flawed international politicking. The Warsaw Pact deserves a significant place here because NATO under the leadership of USA post the disintegration of USSR inducted nations that were excluded under the said pact which meant a blind threat to the Russian Federation.

During the years when Ukraine gained independence from the USSR, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) began flirting with Ukraine also which is strategically located for Russia as well as for the West. The Nord gas pipes pass through the Ukrainian region as well as the strategic Belt and Road Initiative of the Chinese requires some co-operation from Ukraine so that am access to Russia is available. Unfortunately in 2021, Ukraine again tried to gain entry into NATO, despite several assurances from Russia that if the Ukranian nation is willing to sign trade pacts and other cooperative agenda, then there will be no politics by extra means, but what transpired was, something very dangerous.

Ukraine has a long history of subjugation under the Russian identity, and it was only in 1991 when Ukraine was recognised as a sovereign, since then there has been a persistent current of thought that has forced the Ukranians to move away from the Russians, as a result of which the Russians have failed at every effort of diplomacy with the Ukranians.

Ukraine geo-strategically falls in the way of Russia’s access to France and Germany, who are the largest trade partners of Russia after China.

The Russian regime under Putin is not trying to re-establish the former USSR, but is the leader of the voice of the nation’s of the globe that feel oppressed and sidelined by the American sense of ‘global-justice’ and ‘political arrogance’ that has resulted in an imbalance in global power balance.

The present war is the ‘culmination’ point of the Cold War since Russia is backed by the Chinese leader Xi Jinping who has assured blind support and trust to the Russian government, Russians also acted as a bridge between India and China, while China is acting as bridge between India and Pakistan as well as all other neighbours. The Sino-Indian agreement is only to the extent that these two nations don’t desire to push the world’s largest populations and the world’s most densely populated region to be a war arena which made the Americans to withdraw as well as NATO and the EU back off from the war between Russia and Ukraine.

The war is between Americans and Russians the cost is Ukraine, eventually it is politics through other means which is known as war.