Lock-down: Saving Lives or Saving Money!!

Since we in India, are very laid back with regard to many health issues, and diseases along side our sense of hygiene and sanitation is as poor as the church mice the most feasible method to prevent a calamity of mass deaths in the event that COVID-19 spreads like a wildfire, and killing almost half of our population, the government’s advisory that the people must stay indoors is a wise step, as it will help contain and slower the infection, as well as it will save many lives, while the money that will be lost amid 21 days of a blind lock-down, can be earned later on.

The Communists are advocating the costs that the people will be paying to avert a greater disaster, and are even worried that the government hasn’t announced any relief packages, while the Commies in Kerala (jumping on the relief package given by the Modi government after the floods) have gone on a spending spree. The most important factor the Communists have failed to see is that with time either they will be able to contain the COVID-19 or there will be mass deaths, which will never be compensated for by monetary reliefs.

Thus, when we have (1) no cure available, (2) detection is also a task, (3) every human becomes a silent carrier either with symptoms or no symptoms at all, (4) with a frail healthcare system as compared to China, US and the EU, (5) a struggling economy, is it not a good ordeal to ask maximum people to stay indoors and the supply chains in the country to provide essential services, will deploy almost somewhere around 80% of the daily wage workers across states available for work.

The relief packages and measures have begun, and a blind announcement of monetary reliefs, will be a very huge burden on the taxpayer’s money, in the event of a looming threat of a mass contagion, which will anyway need more money to provide healthcare and other services which in the aftermath of a disaster as being avoided may have for us!

He is trying to save maximum lives and his government is trying hard to provide the reliefs they can in the only manner possible,.

The graded response is a very old concept in public administration where the situation is dealt with sequentially or step by step. The first idea is to save as many lives as possible, hence the lock-down. With the Finance Ministry will anyway bear the responsibility of making things work smoothly in the post-normalcy scenario, but till then, we are focused on saving maximum lives and avoiding a disaster, let us co-operate and pray for the best.