Neo-Hinduism Looking for Some Reforms

Today as Hindus we have come to be grown up with forgotten values of our own culture. This is what may rightfully be known as the blend of western materialistic life and the Hindu beliefs.

By and large all the Hindus remain followers of the Darshanic practices today. Most of us the millennials try to find answers to the complexities that arise in our lives at a point in life where we are unable to find ourselves in an environment where there emotional cushions that we grew up with and we begin to find ourselves isolated.

I wrote about the millennials going emotionally bankrupt, this is a true phenomenon happening in modern day India.

The only aspect of our lives is to get educated, find a spot in the economic wheel for ourselves, get married and raise a family!

Yet this method of life offers us only one aspect to lead our lives and that is the economic aspect of our life. We hardly know many things about life and relationships.

We grow up to be individualists and in our own right assert our egotistical identity in the community. We hardly offer any iota of faith and regard to our culture, and practically most of us are clueless about our culture.

We are raised to feel that our education and books, our intellectualism is the only reality that pervades our lives, yet on the contrary when many impeccable and sophisticated intellectuals are faced with a crisis in their life for example the coronavirus that might disrupt their lives intimately, the intellectuals look to find answers in indulgences like liquor, peers, carnal pleasures and entertainment.

The Neo-Hinduism that has become a faithless blend of the Spirit and a blind realm dominated by material pleasures is bound to expose it’s fragility in the most trying times. The strength of our relationships, the integrity of our character, the morals that we cherish and all that we ignore as outdated and out of vogue offers meaning.

The Neo-Hindus have a way of interpreting the religious beliefs and scriptures in their own way without any authority attached to it except their own. The authority of the elders dwindles down since there exists a permissiveness on their part to tolerate the millennials who are riding high on the waves of material success and the delusional modernism.

The reality isn’t this blend of the west and east that we are trying to live! The reality lies in exploring the scriptural wealth of our culture first, and then reposing faith in the wisdom and then finding the most feasible way to align our lives and thoughts with the civilisation we are a part of.

Practicing oneness with the Supreme, and cultivating the soul within a journey that begins with a Guru in the young age and continues forever, this soul searching journey is backed by knowledge imparted by a learned Guru who teaches one to be not so fickle to be swayed or carried away by anything, anyone or any idea.

It is the life skills that breed a community oriented culture which is unable to find and evolve it’s consciousness because there is a dearth of cultural nourishment which passes on from one generation to the other.

If one talks about Hindu beliefs or culture then most likely one is declared to be a “closed-mind”, unfortunately we are ignoring the fact that it is the confused west which is again going back to soul-searching after years of soul-destroying, that which we are trying to imitate!

Instead of preserving the creative genius of our own race we are getting swayed by the western paraphernalia thinking that their way is the way of life!

Today, the definition of Neo-Hinduism also means to assert the identity against the Mussalmaan or to side with the Mussalmaan/ Oppressed classes in a benign fashion by declaring the Hindus as victims for the former while in the latter the declaration of Hindu as the oppressor.

This all has acceptance in the name of the western ideals that were ingrained upon the minds of our founding fathers, while the truth is “Go Back to The Vedas” that famed call of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, which led to the birth of the Arya Samajists today needs to be revisited by the neo-Hindus.

A cultural revivalist movement has to be undertaken which changes the Hindus mindset and shows that how advanced our culture actually was, because the practical basis of the modern world is also the same and it just came to be defined in different terms and is driven by Utopian idealism which will never be a reality.

Therefore the reforms needed today are inside the Hindu consciousness which will lay the foundations of a treasured civilisation for our future generations since Neo Hinduism may be likened to a missionary movement.