Not All Is Well Within The Sangh

The RSS ideologue Sri Guru ji, MS Golwalkar who has always inspired me to think of a place peaceful than it is today, makes me think today, how have we ditched our spiritual wealth which is our gift from our ancestors.

The inclusive Hindu way of life is in danger with the BJP boosting all the evils in our Hindu brotherhood for its ulterior motives of power and pelf.

Today every Hindu is pitted against every Hindu. We are supposed to think about the evolution we saw and promoted over the years as being a sin today! The Hindu way of life is in danger when the government pushes ahead with Capitalist greed and nepotism of sorts as well as bypassing the Rule of Law.

The blunt attacks on Hindu temples and taking over of our spiritual life from the hands of Mahants and placing it at the feet of the government is an attack on the religion.

Top most office bearers of the Sangh have moved to self glorification and self gratification instead of worrying about how to invest in the reforms of the Hindu society. How to work in the southern states and bring some sense of belongingness to our brothers who switched to other ideologies.

The office bearers and old Sevaks are anti-Hindu.

Today, being a Swayamsevak one is branded as either a rapist, a murderer or a plunderer and an illiterate while men from the Sangh have stayed away from mainstream show off routine and worked hard to reach some place in the society like an upstart, without dividing and offending the system, since we love our motherland.

Then why today just because of the BJP’s ambition we are told to accept injustice in the name of God?

I revoke the Lord of Destruction Mahadev and request him to start a process of shift and transition of leadership in the Sangh before being a Hindu is a crime in this land of diversities.

Har Har Mahadev 🙏