Social Media: The Global Dumping Yard, & AR

We still remember how we saw in a movie that Mark Zuckerberg just landed up (accidentally) building Facebook!

How Orkut was famous, then how we saw Dorsey and his team build microblogging through Twitter a real business! We saw the growth of Facebook and then other social networking applications and platforms.

Recently the Indian government in retaliation to the Chinese’s aggressive stance on the LAC banned the most popular application TikTok which was a short video sharing tool.

We saw how the internet is affecting the lives of our children, it made abuse, cyber bullying, depression and harassment on the web a real issue.

The CBSE prepared plans to spread awareness regarding the same, and then now we are about to push augmented reality (AR) into our schools. This is being done by CBSE and Facebook together.

How we are supposed to expect that the world of reality on the virtual world and then the augmented reality wouldn’t be a psychologically devastating experience for our people?

The internet and all the social media platforms act as arbiter of free speech and spread misinformation and fake news to promote their business goals. In these times and forever internet has always been one of the most tricky waters to be tread upon!

The flow of human psyche on the internet remains and alarming feature of our society, where people often tend to vent out all their third degree emotional junk and discard their venom if not spread positivity.

The constructive uses of the internet are in abundance but with widening penetration things are in for a change. More and more people disrupt the societal discourse of logic and reason to misinformation and momentous passion.

In these circumstances are we ready to allow all the people to speak or say anything without deciding how debilitating in maybe for the social psyche? After banning a few Chinese apps that includes TikTok we saw how few people were devastated since they were not only addicted to it but they derived an image boost from the app as well.

The YouTube platform makes all the person’s easily access their not informed opinions publicly and there’s hardly any credibility to their opinions. If we are to become a hollow polity someday then it is the internet to blamed for it.

Internet is becoming a dumping yard globally where it is the responsibility of not just the tech companies but the governments to promote a healthy social-media behaviour and a culture where freedom of speech and expression reaches new highs of informed and deliberated opinion rather than sectarian and shallow words!

The intercourse on the internet must be dealt with with more awareness and precision, which will make it a healthy social place, over making it another place of cheap rhetoric and confrontation which is not healthy.

Cyber bullying, perversion, misinformation, targeted information and other activities must be stopped. The content circulation has also to conform to the mandate of the State authorities and the law of the land of internet penetration has to usher a healthy culture of data consumption and dissemination.

With enhanced usage of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, the chances of abusive internet usage and addiction may also aggravate with time, and if not checked today the situation may appear to dismal in the later part of time. We must use our will to cultivate a healthy internet usage culture for our society and the generation that will inherit internet as a part of their Right to life