The Republic & The Reality

Today again is the Republic Day in India/ Bharat. We celebrate it with great pomp and show. Tableau and guests from other nations are also present, our military might is also on the display. With changing ruling coalitions the messages that are being sent also assume change on each Republic Day.

This year the farmer activists also have a point to make, and so does the Muslim community, since CAA NRC were the issues that were touched last year before the COVID-19 took the nation to its heels.

Yet, the Republic and the Reality are very different. The Republic is a utopian dream of the persons who drafted the Constitution, the reactionary modernism came up when Jinnah made his clarion calls to the Muslims in the sub-continent, and landed up giving them a separate identity, distinct from that of the Indian national. Anti-Brahminist movements swept almost all states and being a Hindu became a point to be looked down upon.

Equality and other measures to create an egalitarian society became means to garner votes, while the religious ballyhoo assumed variety of forms dividing Hindus into Sikhs, Buddhists and sects, and castes for vote banks, while minority appeasement became the norm of the day with minority majoritarian policies and corruption being the new normal. The institutions responsible for governance were hijacked with bribery and favouritism and unfortunately all of that continues to this date.

With liberalisation of the economy came a greater competition for material gain, and it ushered in class struggles resulting in crony capitalism tendencies gnawing the Socialist Republic with a distorted society deeply and bringing to the fore a feeble republic.

Then we began to play blame games in the name of patriotism for the Republic, and forgot about the plight of the common man, and the goal the Republic was. Instead of creating mass movements for creating social change and improving solidarity and citizens’ consciousness, we aroused different identities that not only dampened the cause of the Republic, but also led to further distortion of the reality.

Today the economy is slow, and the leaders are busy fighting elections with violence and abuse, the Republic is taking the sins of its kin with grace because it has to accept the reality that media is also TRP driven, and money is more dear to the men than is another man.

The diversity that we tend to celebrate is becoming more diverse with many point of views gaining ground in the social discourse but also, there is intolerance for certain view points and over expression of certain views is creating chaos easily.

The Republic and the Reality need some open minds compassionately at work today to push it ahead and transform it into not just an economic powerhouse, but a societal powerhouse with absolute solidarity and camaraderie.

Jai Hind. 🙏