Weariness in the Mind & Alcoholism

Today the governments all over the nation allowed the sale of liquor to resume. All the tipplers forgot physical distancing and took to frenzy shopping at the liquor stores to relieve their minds of the stress and their inability to control their dependence on liquor in these times of uncertainty.

Many media channels have been raising concerns on the lack of social discipline about forming lines and hygiene while buying liquor. This certainly raises possible doubts about the fact that after a considerable time spent by all of us locked within our homes, and the cases of COVID-19 rising constantly, how will we check the spread of the disease if people don’t adhere to the norms laid down by health experts! And if this is the behaviour people will certainly ignore all the training when they shall go out from their homes for commercial activities!

The BJP and Narendra Modi ji despite asking people to take to meditation and yoga the people haven’t cared enough to discipline themselves for another national challenge of reviving the economy post COVID-19.

Though there are many people who tried to stay away from alcohol even today and many wouldn’t mind giving up on it forever, yet those who have and are to go again, thank you for filling out exchequer, though alcoholism is a serious psychological disorder which against popular belief, doesn’t help solve our problems of day to day stress.

The minds of many people are heavy and they are worried today for things that they hold close to their hearts since there is too much of uncertainty for all of them to handle.

Yet alcohol is no fix to any problems and it is another burden on our frail health system. In the times of the COVID-19 outbreak doctors have advised against consumption of alcohol since it is known to lower the immunity of the human body to fight diseases in general.

Moreover in these trying times availability of alcohol might add to our subdued graph of crimes and domestic violence rise along with exposing many children and women to abuse! Fights and murders, robberies and dacoity are not a distant thought since alcohol has always been a motivation for our criminals.

The weary minds today need more innovative ideas and collective community centric measures which lead to make people more socially responsible and connected.

The weary minds need more state sponsored motivation to usher the community to a new normal which cannot be done with liquor!

The government might announce measures to allay the economic uncertainty and even provide stimulus package for the economy but channeling a part of it back to the excise coffers and risking with the immunity of so many people was the least the government could have done for the weary minds.

What the weary mind needs is more societal cohesion over alcoholism.